StartIsBack++ 2.9.17 crack + Keygen Key Download Latest 2022

StartIsBack++ 2.9.17 crack + License Key

StartIsBack  ++ 2.9.17 crack is a small and simple tool that allows you to return to the classic start menu and start button. StartIsBack crack is a small program that returns a fully popular start menu and a start button that works exactly like the one on Windows 7. This radically improves desktop usage ability and makes the new home screen unstable. The app is a completely local, user-friendly app with no privileges, free and fair, fast, stable, and secure. StartIsBack KEY goes straight to the desktop every time without letting the Start screen shine a millisecond. It has unique and interesting features, unlike some other desktop enhancement applications. This app is a fast, small, compact, and innovative trial desktop improvement program for Windows PC. It is designed to be simple for beginners and powerful for experts. It also makes the home screen unextracted, completely local, and with rich customizations and configuration. 


Very active screen angles. Start dancing the screen in your face. The keyboard shortcut won’t work as expected. StartIsBack keygen key allows you to solve many of these problems without breaking usage cases, increasing your productivity with both the desktop and the modern interface. StartIsBack crack key restores the original Windows 7 Start menu with all its features. Search, skip lists, drag, and drop, pinned and recently used apps, and fully customizable settings. Start the button and start looking and acting just like before on Windows 7. This is the only tool that can provide durability on Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 by sharing desktops and modern apps. If you change your home screen to the app screen, you don’t have to worry about managing two launch sites. The program does not perform any additional service or program. It integrates into your computer. It does not require any other means or frame to be installed. You can configure all aspects of the appearance and function of the start menu. This is done most reliably within an attractive and simple configuration. You can even set the Start menu to work like Windows XP!


Looks great with a new style, round user avatar, and modern glyph icons. It also opens up 100% of the time and always gets what you are looking for! starts back ++ is a small tool for Windows 10 that allows us to reset the Start menu that many users want. The latest version of StartIsBack ++2.9.17 was released on 29/11/2021. StartIsBack ++ crack Keygen menu and all its features: search, drag, and drop, fixed and recently used applications, absolute personalization settings. Starting to evolve with the handle, the arrival and behavior of the Start menu are the same as the one they were used to in Home. StartIsBack Cracked For PC is accompanied by a wide range of customizations. StartIsBack serial key is a complete start menu summary that lets customers experience more than just the fun of using this intuitive menu bar.


StartIsBack crack is a small application that gives Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 a full start menu and start button, which works just like those in Windows 7. It radically improves desktop usability and clears the new home screen. . StartIsBack crack keygen is a full-featured, easy, cheap, straightforward, fast, stable, and secure program. StartIsBack license key runs directly to the desktop every time without shaking the home screen for just a millisecond. StartIsBack 2.9.17 Cracked is a small program that allows you to design the classic Start Button and Start menu for Windows 8. It contains several configuration settings that can be managed by users at any level of experience. The StartIsBack Keygen menu starts evolving from the location of the painting. A StartIsBack ++ Crack is a great application that gives you a sharp example startup and starts developing the menu with menu settings. 


The start is back license key coordinates with many useful users and components. If you find something new on your computer, this program puts the changes on your desktop. It’s all in an application-like software like the old Start menu. You will not find any hangout problems when using it. It is very easy to download and also very easy to use due to its user-friendly interface. StartIsBack ++ Crack is a high-quality software program that gives you a conventional smart start button and opens the alternate menu window. This drastically increases the availability of computer hardware and confuses today’s startup program. It is far from a very easy and privileged homemade application that is cheap, straightforward, fast, efficient, and easy. Your consultation can start with your computer. 


  • It was initially fully developed in the StartIsBack Windows 10 Crack start menu.
  • New current style with a round client look.
  • Lots of minor improvements and recent changes.
  • The edges of the StartIsBack license key toolbar icons can be greatly enlarged by this factor.
  • StartIsBack Add transparency to the taskbar with difficulty in understanding.
  • Easily near your frame.
  • Follow exactly the taskbar and shadow bar image.
  • Direct IDs for current applications in the taskbar and start menu.
  • The full version of StartIsBack can reduce asset consumption through the cumbersome, ultra-modern Start menu and Cortana pre-launch documents.
  • StartIsBack 2.9.17 Cracked Modern obscure, fake, and immersive start menu settings.
  • Start menu and fully efficient submission application with DPI knowledge.
  • StartIsback Crack has a framework that is set with a single click.
  • Personal Edition Crack is offered for free.
  • Capacity utilization is more efficient.
  • The start menu has also been improved.
  • Battle shadow and joke setting menus.
  • Setting up the start menu is easier.
  • Integrates with Windows 8.1.
  • Unique features for accessing items in the Start menu.
  • Remove all unwanted programs from the Start menu.

Extra FEATURES OF STARTISBACK++ 2.9.17 Crack :

  • Direct IDs for current applications in the taskbar and start menu.
  • The full StartIsBack version can reduce asset consumption through the crippling menu, state-of-the-art Start, and Cortana documents.
  • Modern glyphs of symbols to the right of the start menu.
  • StartIsBack 2.9.17 Cracked Modern obscure menus, with shadows and piston settings for start menus.
  • Launch menu and fully efficient submission application with DPI knowledge.
  • Initially fully selected in the StartIsBack menu Windows 10 Crack launches
  • New current style with a round client screen
  • Very small improvements and recent changes
  • Pin to Start menu, where the menu item is located, will be removed if the SIB start menu is not used
  • Attention to small returns returned to the customer arises
  • StartIsBack Add transparency to the taskbar that is difficult to understand
  • Easy near your frame
  • Follow the correct image and shadow of the taskbar
  • StartIsback Crack sets a frame with a single click


  • Plain style dim mode.
  • Dim Mode For layout software.
  • Dim mode for Windows Make a change.
  • Dim mode for Windows Desktop tooltips.
  • Improved right-1/2 of the home menu.
  • Thumbnails for custom envelopes have appeared.
  • Custom envelope glyphs can be chosen.
  • Settings pages may be on the best side

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System Requirements:

  • Windows® 11, 10, 8.1, 8 (32-bit / 64-bit)
  • Achieve the balance between Desktop and Modern UI
  • separate Desktop and Modern UI and make Start Screen clutter-free
  • native – fully localized
  • Rich customization and configuration

How to Install?

  • First, you should download the setup from here.
  • Take out RAR tabs.
  • Install installation tabs and do not start it (if you start, close it).
  • Copy Patch / Crack and climb up the installation board.
  • That’s it Enjoy StartIsBack++ Last Version!!



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